Tips on Maintaining Urinary Health Tips for Women

According to the World Health Organization, five out of every ten women have suffered from a urinary tract infection at one point in their lives. Since this is such a common problem among women, then that means that you need to take care of your urinary health. Taking care of your urinary system does not have to be a complicated and expensive affair. It can be done by implementing the tips discussed below.

Take Plenty of Water

To maintain a healthy kidney, you need to drink plenty of water at least two litres of water. Do you want to improve your bladder control? Do you want to prevent involuntary bladder leaks when you laugh, sneeze or cough? You can perform Kegel exercises to strengthen the muscles that help you urinate. However, you need to perform these exercises carefully to avoid damaging the muscles in your perineal region. Also, consult with your physician so that they can guide you.

Watch Your Weight

Being overweight is a risk factor for many health conditions and even bladder control problems. It can even lead to incontinence. Excess body weight puts pressure on your bladder leading to urinary leakages. Losing weight is not only good for your heart but also for your bladder.

Maintain Good Toilet Hygiene and Bladder Voiding Habits

After using the toilet, you need to wipe yourself from front to back. Doing so prevents the spread of bacteria from getting into the bladder, especially after a bowel movement. When you empty your bladder, make sure that you completely empty the bladder. If you tighten your muscles before completely emptying the bladder, some urine returns to the bladder and may cause a urinary tract infection.

Choose the Right Inner Garments

When choosing your inner garments, go for a loose garment made of breathable material like cotton. Such garments will keep your nether regions dry and aerated and prevent bacterial growth.