Another Use For Testosterone – Controlling Type-2 Diabetes

We have identified many advantages of testosterone replacement therapy including improvement in libido, increase in bone density, increase in muscle mass, improvement in mood, and protective against heart disease.  Now there is evidence that testosterone may be...

Testosterone and the Prostate Gland-Hormone Replacement Is Safe For Your Prostate Gland

I am also asked if using testosterone, injections, topical gels, or pellets, will worsen urinary symptoms in men suffering from testosterone deficiency. Millions of Americans suffer from testosterone deficiency.  They have symptoms of loss of energy, erectile...

Read This To See About Low T (Testosterone)

Low testosterone affects millions of American men. Men who suffer from low testosterone have decreased libido, decrease in erections, and lethargy or loss of energy. In this blog I will discuss the importance of testosterone and the treatment options for the diagnosis...


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