Testosterone Does Not Cause Prostate Cancer

For nearly seven decades testosterone was implicated as causing prostate cancer and escalating the growth and spread of prostate cancer.  Today we have determined that men with low levels of the male sex hormone testosterone need not fear that testosterone replacement...

Patients Guide to Prostate Cancer Testing

The holy grail of a single test to diagnose prostate cancer is not available at this time.  The PSA test or prostate specific antigen is a blood test that measures a protein produced in the prostate gland.  It is elevated in men with prostate cancer.  However, it is...

PSA Testing-What Every Man Needs to Know

Prostate specific antigen is a simple blood test that can be a metric for prostate health.  It is a good screening test for prostate cancer.  This blog will discuss the PSA test and what you need to know to make a decision to obtain this common test. Let’s start by...

Prostate Biopsy Negative? What’s Next?

There are over 1 million men who have a prostate biopsy each year.  Many of the biopsies are negative.  What can a man do who has an elevated PSA level and a negative biopsy to be certain that he doesn’t have prostate cancer and avoid having a second biopsy? Lots of...


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