Testosterone Does Not Cause Prostate Cancer

For nearly seven decades testosterone was implicated as causing prostate cancer and escalating the growth and spread of prostate cancer.  Today we have determined that men with low levels of the male sex hormone testosterone need not fear that testosterone replacement...

Patients Guide to Prostate Cancer Testing

The holy grail of a single test to diagnose prostate cancer is not available at this time.  The PSA test or prostate specific antigen is a blood test that measures a protein produced in the prostate gland.  It is elevated in men with prostate cancer.  However, it is...

Prostate Cancer –Management of Low Risk Disease*

Prostate cancer remains one of the most common cancers in men with 250,000 new cases each year and causes nearly 40,000 deaths each year. Like most other cancers there are shades of gray and not all cancers need to have treatment. This blog will discuss the use of...

PSA Elevation After Treatment For Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer represents the second most common cancer in men following lung cancer. Prostate cancer will be diagnosed in nearly 250,000 men annually and causes nearly 40,000 deaths each year. If you already have had prostate cancer treatment, changes in PSA levels...


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