Understanding PSA Testing

Prostate Specific Antigen (or PSA) testing is utilized to determine a man’s risk of having prostate cancer.  This is a protein that is secreted from the prostate and can be detected in the blood.  The difficulty with evaluating and understanding PSA levels is that in...

Active Surveillance for Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer continues to be the most common cancer diagnosed in men.  More than 200,000 people will be diagnosed with prostate cancer this year.  And while there are many successful treatment options including surgical removal or radiotherapy, sometimes the side...

Sleep Deprivation and Cancer-Who Would Have Thunk?

Sleep and Cancer There are numerous causes of cancer including smoking, carcinogens in the food, air pollution, and even excessive exposure to sunlight.  Now sleep deprivation may added to an already lengthy list. A poor night’s sleep not only makes getting through...


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