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Don’t Ignore Pain in a Man’s Pouch

There’s not a man on the planet who hasn’t experienced pain in the testicles. In most instances, it is a benign condition but any lump or bump in the scrotum requires medical attention.  Testicular pain is not something you can disregard.  There are some conditions if...

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Erectile Dysfunction – Don’t Let Diabetes Keep You “Down”

Nearly 5-10% of men in the New Orleans area have diabetes.  Diabetes is known to cause heart problems, kidney disease, arthritis, blindness, and obesity.  There also one other problem associated with diabetes in men and that is erectile dysfunction or impotence.  This article will discuss the relationship between diabetes and erectile dysfunction.

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Drip, Drip, Drip-When the Prostate Gland Causes Constant Dribbling

Some men have a blockage to the flow of urine and the bladder no matter how much it contracts or squeezes cannot fully empty the urine contents residing in the bladder.  As a result, there may be a constant dribbling of urine.  This is referred to as overflow incontinence.  Overflow incontinence is more common in older men and is often due to an enlarged prostate.

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Overactive Bladder or When Your Bladder Controls Your Life

Most men and women can hold their urine for 15-20 minutes after the first urge to urinate.  If you feel a near-constant need to urinate, or feel as though you can’t ‘hold on’ when you do need to go, this is likely to be an overactive bladder. This differs from stress incontinence, when the pelvic floor muscles are too weak to prevent urination.

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Dr. Spencer Krane

New intake with Dr. Spencer Krane went great! He took the time to listen to me and come up with a plan that makes sense. It's nice when you find a physician that fits. Thanks!

Michael DeMarco


Understanding PSA Testing

Prostate Specific Antigen (or PSA)...
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Active Surveillance for Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer continues to be the...
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Advanced Prostate Cancer Can Be Successfully Treated

Men with advanced prostate cancer can be treated with androgen derivation therapy. ADT reduces the testosterone level which often serves as fuel for prostate cancer cells.

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